What Are Some of the Stadiums That Held the Super Bowl?

What Are Some of the Stadiums That Held the Super Bowl?

Stadiums that have hosted the Super Bowl include Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Los Angeles Coliseum in Los Angeles, Rice Stadium in Houston, the Silverdome in Pontiac and Stanford Stadium in Stanford. Many stadiums are used for more than one Super Bowl game.

The very first Super Bowl was held at the Los Angeles Coliseum in California. The contest was between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers, but this was not the stadium's first taste of professional sports. The Olympic Games were held in Los Angeles in 1932 and by the time the Super Bowl took place there, the stadium could seat more than 90,000 fans.

Tulane Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana, was built in the 1920s and officially opened in 1926. In 1966, the city of New Orleans got its own football team and the team chose Tulane Stadium. The stadium hosted the Super Bowl in 1975 and was demolished in 1980.

Rice Stadium dates back to 1950 when it became home of the Rice Owls after the old stadium was torn down. Located in Houston, Texas, Rice Stadium also housed the Houston Oilers for a while and was the site of Super Bowl VIII.

The Silverdome, located in Pontiac, Michigan, was the home of the Detroit Lions until 2002. It hosted Super Bowl XVI when the NFL wanted to try moving the game to a colder city. the stadium had a capacity of 80,311 people and although it still stands as of 2015, it is now used for things like concerts and monster truck shows and competitions.

Stanford Stadium was built in 1921 and hosted the Stanford Cardinals for more than 80 years. Home to Super Bowl XIX, Stanford Stadium seated more than 80,000 fans and even hosted the World Cup. Stanford Stadium was torn down in 2005 and replaced with a new stadium.