What Is a Squirrel Skinning Tool?


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A squirrel skinning tool is a device used to make skinning a squirrel easier by holding the squirrel in a stationary position, as it's difficult for hunters to hold a squirrel by hand and skin it at the same time.

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What Is a Squirrel Skinning Tool?
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Squirrels are considered notoriously difficult to skin by hunters, as their skin is tough and difficult to remove. Squirrel skinning tools aid in the removal of skin by making it possible to hold the squirrel in a stationary position without having to use hands to do so, making it easier to remove the skin from the animal.

Squirrel skinning tools vary in the way in which they hold the animal. Some clamp down on the animal, and some are designed to allow the hunter to wedge the animal's legs into the device, leaving the animal fastened securely to allow for ease of skinning.

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