What Sports Are in the Winter Olympics?

Skating, ice hockey, curling, skiing, biathlon, luge and bobsleigh are the seven competitive sports in the Winter Olympic Games as of 2014. Skating, skiing and bobsleigh are each divided into several disciplines, and inside each sport or discipline, there are multiple events.

Skating includes the disciplines of figure skating, speed skating and short-track speed skating. Figure skating events include men's, ladies', couples' and team competitions. Speed skating and short-track speed skating events include separate races for men and women at a variety of lengths.

The Winter Olympic skiing disciplines are cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined, freestyle skiing and snowboarding. All skiing events separate athletes by gender. Nordic combined involves both a cross-country and ski jumping competition and is only for men. There is also a male-only team Nordic combined event.

The bobsleigh division includes team bobsled races and skeleton races, in which one person pilots a flat sled face-down and headfirst on the bobsled track. Bobsled events include races for two- and four-man teams and two-woman teams. Although luge events are similar to skeleton, with an individual piloting a flat sled down the bobsled track, luge racers ride face-up and feet first. Luge has its own division and is governed by a separate organization than bobsleigh and skeleton.

Ice hockey and curling each include separate men's and women's tournaments. The biathlon division has multiple gender-specific events that combine cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. There are also team biathlon events.