What Sports Are Covered by Azteca?

What Sports Are Covered by Azteca?

Azteca covers sporting events such as football by the Liga MX Association and afternoon wrestling matches. The network also covers evening boxing matches.

Azteca is the largest popular Spanish television network in the United States. It is available on the Dish Network and DirecTV Latino packages and reaches most Spanish-speaking households in America. Find Azteca on channel 825 on Dish and channel 441 on DirecTV.

On the weekends, Azteca covers Mexico's football (soccer) games and on Saturdays, the network airs the wrestling showcase known as Lucha Azteca. On Saturday evenings, viewers can tune in to catch boxing matches known as "Box Azteca."

In the United States, Azteca's headquarters are located in Glendale, California, and the network broadcasts throughout the United States as well as in Northern Mexico. Once known as Azteca America, Azteca reaches approximately 44 million people in the U.S. as of 2015.

Besides sports programming, Azteca features two 30-minute news programs each weekday along with telenovelas, variety shows, reality programming and Spanish-dubbed shows and films. The network also provides sports coverage during its news broadcasts for those who miss the games.

The Azteca network has been around since 1993 and quickly gained a large audience both in the United States and in Mexico thanks to its diverse programming, sports coverage and nightly news broadcasts.