Why Are Sports Beneficial?

Participating in sports enables people to meet new friends, stay close to their families, stay in shape and learn leadership skills. In addition, participating actively in sports encourages people to change their diet, according to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

Sports are often a bridge to form new friendships with people someone might not have met otherwise. Different cultures and religions can come together through sporting activities and from friendships formed that translate into everyday life. Based on research conducted by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, a stronger relationship with family members can occur from participation in sports. Family members attend sporting events of their loved ones to show them support and love. Coaches who provide advice about sports and life in general often turn out to be some of the best role models athletes have in their lives.

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation encourages participation in sports because it keeps people in great shape. It is also essential to eat a balanced diet while participating in sporting activities. A lot of energy is used, so it is necessary to eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated. The diet should include an ample amount of fats, minerals, vitamins, proteins and complex carbohydrates.