What Sport Has the Largest Fan Base?

According to Topend Sports Network, soccer by far boasts the largest fan base of any sport, with a massive TV audience viewing the FIFA World Cup every four years. Cricket takes the second spot.

Based on the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the estimated TV viewership for the World Cup annually is more than 30 billion, a number larger than the world's population. It is derived by calculating an "accumulated" audience, meaning that if individuals watched more than one game, they were counted each time.

The following round out the top 10 sports with the largest fan bases: cricket, 2.5 billion; field hockey, 2 billion; tennis, 1 billion; volleyball, 900 million; table tennis, 850 million; baseball, 500 million; golf, 450 million; basketball, 400 million; and American football, 400 million.