Which Sport Did Milo of Kroton Compete In?

Milo of Kroton competed in wrestling, ultimately winning six Olympic medals for his achievements. Milo of Kroton ranks among the most accomplished and talented athletes in the world. A native of southern Italy, he competed professionally in wrestling matches, winning a boys' wrestling contest in 540 A.D. in Greece, then accumulating more victories from there.

Milo of Kroton proved a talented wrestler, combining his remarkable strength with athletic prowess and mental toughness. Milo began wrestling as a child, continuing his long career well into his 40s. After winning his first wrestling victory, he continued training. He did not win a second major victory, however, until nearly a decade later. Milo's second major athletic accomplishment included winning a series of wrestling matches, earning the title of champion at five consecutive Olympic Games. Milo enjoyed wrestling and competing, participating in many Olympics. In addition to his athleticism, historians remember Milo for his bravery and heroicism. He proved a skilled and disciplined fighter, leading fellow citizens in his town of Kroton to a victory against intruding soldiers. Milo enjoyed demonstrating his strength to others, breaking cords and blocks as entertainment. He receives credit for saving a group of friends from a collapsing building, escaping along with them before eventually meeting his death in a forest.