How Do You Spool a Reel?


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To spool a reel, place the feeder spool and reel by each other, feed the end of the line into the stripper guide, secure it with an arbor knot, and reel the line in. Check for twists until the reel is full.

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  1. Prepare the reel and line

    Put the reel and the rod together. Put the spool of line on the floor. Make sure the label is face up. Set the rod on the table near the supply line.

  2. Start the line

    Take hold of the end of the supply line. Feed it into the top of the rod's stripper guide, located first from the reel seat.

  3. Secure the line

    Open the bail on the reel by flipping the top. Wrap the line around the spool underhand.

  4. Tie an arbor knot

    Tie a loose overhand knot around the standing part of the line. Move 1 to 2 inches down from the tag first, and tie another overhand knot. Pull on the line so the first knot tightens, drawing the second snug to it. Trim the end.

  5. Reel the line in

    Flip the bail down. Pick up the rod, and reel several feet of line into the reel. Hold onto the feeder line to keep it taut.

  6. Examine for twist

    Stop reeling after a few feet, and dip the line toward the spool. If it twists, flip the spool label side down. Continue reeling line in until the reel is full. Leave 1/8-inch of empty space on the reel.

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