How Do You Spin a Basketball on Your Finger?


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Spinning a basketball on someone's finger is a task that requires some precision, skill and patience. Once the steps are in place, it can take some time to spin a ball for more than a few seconds, and practice is a key component to mastering this talent.

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Be sure to practice spinning a basketball in an open area where nothing can be damaged.

  1. Deflate the ball
  2. It can be very difficult to do this trick with a ball that is inflated to maximum capacity, so first let a small amount of air out of the ball. This will provide more surface area for the finger to catch the ball.
  3. Position the ball
  4. Next, place the ball in a position that will yield the best possible spin. To do this, hold the ball about 4 inches below the chin, with the seams vertical. Place the dominant hand on the far side of the ball and the other hand on the side closest to the body. Elbows should be bent and remain close to the body. 
  5. Spin
  6. To start spinning the ball, snap both wrists to set the ball in motion and quickly catch it on the pad of the index finger. To keep the ball spinning, slightly bend the finger toward the body to move the ball to the fingernail, being sure to keep the elbow close to the body. Use the fingers of the free hand to lightly bat the ball and keep it in motion.
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