What Are the Specs on a Jennings J-22 .22 LR?


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The Jennings J-22 .22 LR has a barrel length of 2.5 inches, a weight of 12 ounces, fixed sights and a six-round, single-stack magazine feed system. This blowback, semi-automatic pistol has an effective firing range of 25 yards, making it a short-range pocket pistol. Most models have aluminum alloy slides and frames, though later models are made of a special form of zinc aluminum alloy called Zamak.

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The J-22 .22 LR was originally produced by the Jennings corporation between the 1970s and 1990s. The parent company, Bryco Arms, went bankrupt in 2003 and was bought by Paul Jimenez, a former foreman of the company. Jimenez renamed the company as Jimenez Arms, which is why the J-22 .22 LR is now known as the JA-22 .22 LR. The specs of the JA-22 .22 LR pistol are nearly identical to the specs of the J-22 .22 LR pistol, though the latter pistol is slightly shorter by 0.065 inches in length and 0.2 inches in height.

The Jennings J-22 .22 LR pistols may be dangerous when dropped and may cause serious personal injuries, according to a warning in Volume 33 of the Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners Journal, published in the winter of 2001. The publication believes a small space between the trigger bar and sear level may cause the pistol to discharge if the slide is moved sharply to the rear.

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