What Are Some Specs of the Henry Lever Action .22 Rifle?


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The Henry Lever Action .22 rifle is 36.5 inches in length, with a barrel length of 18.25 inches and a weight of 5.25 pounds. It is a .22 caliber rifle and can shoot 15 rounds of 22LR, 17 rounds of .22L and 21 rounds of .22S.

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The Henry Lever Action .22 is one of the most popular .22 rifles available, as of July 2015. It is reasonably priced at nearly half the price of its competitors, while still maintaining great shooting ability and style. The manufacturer's suggested retail price for the Henry Lever Action .22 is $360, as of July 2015. The stock of the rifle is made of straight-grip American walnut and is extremely smooth. The barrel is made of blued steel and contains multiple groove rifling, both of which help increase the accuracy of the rifle.

The action has a large lever, which is beneficial for those with larger hands or who are wearing gloves. In order to aim at the target correctly, the gun features an adjustable rear sight as well as a hooded front sight. The gun also contains side ejection of bullets and is a viable option for left-handed shooters. Henry Rifles are available for purchase all around the world at local gun shops and large sporting goods stores.

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