What Are Some Specifications of the Savage 17-HMR Bolt-Action Rifle?

What Are Some Specifications of the Savage 17-HMR Bolt-Action Rifle?

The Savage Arms A-17 semi-automatic rifle has a barrel length of 22 inches and an overall length of 42 inches. It uses bolt action to feed up to 10 rounds of .17-caliber HMR ammunition in one magazine.

Savage Arms' A-17 is built for right-handed shooters and weighs about 5 1/2 pounds. The rotary magazine is detachable and the AccuTrigger is adjustable. Savage Arms' A-17 is capable of firing a bullet 2,550 feet in the first second after discharge.

The A-17's black barrel is made of carbon steel with a high-luster finish. The rifle's stock is synthetic and black with a matte finish. It is ready-made for scope mounts, as it is drilled and tapped at the factory.

The Savage Arms Co. has conducted business since 1894. The company is named for its founder, Arthur Savage. Among Savage's creations is the Model 99, which was the first lever-action rifle to have the full mechanism contained in a steel receiver.

The history of Savage Arms include the production of machine guns for Allied troops in World Wars I and II. The company moved some of its post-World War II production into consumer goods, which included the first motorized lawnmower.

The AccuTrigger is one of Savage Arms' recent creations and has been in use since 2003. The AccuTrigger is designed to for light trigger pressures and also protects against accidental discharge.