How Do You Get Your South Carolina Fishing License Online?

How Do You Get Your South Carolina Fishing License Online?

You can get South Carolina fishing licenses, permits and tags online through the Buy link at the Department of Natural Resources website. Have proof of identity, such as a valid state-issued driver's license or identification card, handy along with your South Carolina DNR Customer Identification Number (if a renewal). The applicable fees may be paid electronically by American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

Resident and Non-resident 14-Day, Annual and Three-year licenses are available for purchase and mandatory except when fishing in privately-owned ponds. Resident and Non-resident Commercial Freshwater Licenses are also available, and annual Jug and Set Hook Permits and Eel Pot, Gill Net, Trap and Trot Line Tags may be added to any license for the stated fees.

Fourteen-day, Annual and Three-Year Saltwater Licenses are offered to residents and non-residents. Other options include annual Saltwater Public Fishing Pier and Saltwater Charter Fishing Vessel licenses.

Lifetime Freshwater and Saltwater Licenses and Annual and Three-year Resident Combination Freshwater Fishing & Hunting passes are available to South Carolina residents only.

Fourteen day, Annual and Three-year licenses are valid for the exact time from the date of purchase. The Department of Natural Resources requires all licenses, permits, stamps and tags to be in possession when engaging in any activities granted by the license.