What Are Sources of Photos of Ducks for Identification by Hunters?


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As of 2015, photos of ducks for identification purposes are available on websites maintained by Ducks Unlimited, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and About.com. Each site offers pictures of several varieties of ducks.

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Ducks Unlimited offers pictures of ducks separated into categories such as dabbling, diving and whistling. Hunters click on photos of ducks on the website and get additional details and pictures of the duck selected. Ducks Unlimited also offers audio files so hunters can listen to the calls of the more common ducks, as well as a mobile application for identification in the field.

In collaboration with waterfowl managers, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service maintains the website Flyways.us, which provides illustrations, pictures and videos of various ducks. Hunters using the site can also view bird range maps, which assist in verifying an identification.

Hunters who visit About.com have the option of getting more information by clicking on one of the pictures of ducks. Additional information includes details regarding markings and coloring. The site also provides information regarding the habitats of each type of duck. Hunters can also get tips regarding how to properly identify ducks at About.com. If a hunter is still unable to identify a duck, he can submit a picture for help.

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