What Songs Are Played During a Clemson Football Game?

Songs played during a Clemson Tigers football game include "Tiger Rag" and "Tiger Fanfare." Former player Lee Brice also created a song for players as they enter onto the field called "Orange Empire."

"Tiger Rag" is the oldest of the Clemson football songs, and it was incorporated in 1942. According to Clemson University, a student band director named Dean Ross discovered the song in an Atlanta music shop. He purchased a copy of the sheet music, brought it back to the university, and it immediately became a tradition.

In 2003, the school added a song titled "Tiger Empire" to the repertoire. This song was written by band director Mark Spede. Since its addition, the song plays at every Clemson game, and there are 15 different styles of the song that are played. This song is nicknamed "the song that shakes the Southland."

Former player Lee Brice wrote a song in 2012 entitled "Orange Empire," and Clemson University added it to its song selection. The song was also co-written by Brian Davis and Billy Montana and, since 2012, the song plays when Clemson players enter the field. Brice is a known country music artist who has been nominated for several country music awards.