What Are Some Soccer Games Involving Math?

What Are Some Soccer Games Involving Math?

Free online soccer games involving math include "World Cup Math," "Soccer Coordinates" and "Math Soccer." For iPhones and Android, a person can purchase the "Soccer Math Game" app from Google Play, as of 2015.

"Soccer Coordinates," found on XP Math, is a simple game where a grid is placed behind a goal. The player is given a coordinate, such as (0,1) and he must click on the corresponding part of the grid. If the player clicks correctly, he scores a goal.

In "World Cup Math," found on the Mr. Nussbaum website, the player chooses his team and his opponent, and the type of math questions, either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. In the left-hand corner of the game, a math question appears, and if the player answers correctly, he gets to shoot a goal. If the player wins, he moves up in the bracket and plays the next team for the World Cup.

In "Math Soccer," located on Funbrain, a player is given an addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problem, and he types in the answer on the screen and clicks submit. If the answer is correct, the player scores a goal. This game requires the use of scratch paper, or a player can use the scratch pad provided in the game.

The "Soccer Math Game" app contains three levels: easy, medium and hard, and is for ages 5 to 15.