What Is a Soccer Ball Made Out Of?


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A number of different elements go into the making of a soccer ball, with the bladder usually made from butyl or latex, the lining featuring either cotton or polyester and the outer cover consisting of either natural or synthetic leather, all held together with polyester stitching. Although some soccer balls are put together by machines, most balls are handmade.

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Air tends to remain in butyl bladders for longer periods of time compared to latex bladders, so they are considered more desirable. The cotton or polyester linings are bonded together before being inserted between the bladder and lining. Balls that are used in official games, such as professional soccer matches, tend to have thicker linings than those for promotional use or practice. A layer of foam is usually added between the lining and cover for more cushioning. Although some balls are glued together, higher-quality balls are always hand-stitched.

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