Where Do Snowmobile Grass Drags Typically Take Place?


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Snowmobile grass drag races take place in most northern snowbelt states, including Michigan, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. Venues for grass drag races can be located anywhere with a large, flat, open grass field big enough to accommodate a 500-foot-long racetrack, such as farms, racetracks, fairgrounds and exposition centers.

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Typically, snowmobile grass drag racing events occur in the fall as a precursor to the approaching winter snowmobile season. Many of the events are organized by local and regional snowmobile clubs and are multi-day events that include swap meets or snowmobile product vendor shows. Snowmobile grass drag race courses usually comply with specifications outlined by one of the sport's major sanctioning bodies, such as International Snowmobile Racing, Inc. or the National Snowmobile Drag Racing Association.

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