What Are Some Small Camp Trailer Plans?

What Are Some Small Camp Trailer Plans?

Some small camp trailer plans include the Widget trailer, Pico-Light trailer, Simple trailer and 2+2 trailer recommended on DoItYourselfRV.com. Make: Magazine also includes plans for a small teardrop-style trailer on its website.

The plans linked on DoItYourselfRV.com are free to access. The Widget trailer plans are drafted with winter camping in mind. The teardrop-style camping trailer featured includes around five and a half feet of headroom, which allows for cozy camping. It is light on plywood and other materials, and toilet installation is optional, so it is a good choice for campers on a budget.

The Pico-Light trailer is another teardrop design that is extra compact. It is easy to tow due to its low weight, so even cars can handle the trailer. It does not include a kitchen or a bathroom, so it is a good option for builders who want to stick to the basics.

The Simple design is true to its name. It consists of a basic plywood utility trailer and is easy to put together. DoItYourselfRV.com also describes the design as cheap and easy to put together. It includes the link to the original plans as well as a few examples of completed projects from website readers.

The 2+2 is a larger design that accommodates two adults and two children. It also includes additional storage compartments for camping convenience.

The project hosted on the Make: Magazine website is listed as "moderate" in difficulty. The website recommends setting aside at least six months to construct the teardrop trailer. The trailer itself consists of a recycled frame, plywood siding, a small kitchen in the back and LED lighting.