How Do You Slide Into a Base in Softball?

How Do You Slide Into a Base in Softball?

To slide into a base in softball, start shifting your weight to your left side when you are three or four steps from the base. Lean back, sliding in with your weight on your left leg, and throw your arms up and back. Aim your right leg at the base.

  1. Get your body weight ready to slide

    Start lowering your body during your sprint to the base, beginning three or four strides away. Bend your knees, and move your weight to the left half of your body.

  2. Prepare your legs for the slide

    Tuck your left leg behind your right leg, bending the left knee and making the number "4" out of your legs. Keep your right leg extended straight in front of you, but keep the majority of your weight on the left leg.

  3. Lean back, and slide to the base

    Lean back gradually, and move your arms up and back behind you, as you do not want to land on your hands or fingers during your slide. Keep your arms as still as possible. Slide into the base, aiming your right leg straight at the base. Press your foot against the base, and raise either your right or left hand to ask the umpire for time. Do not move your foot from the base until you hear the umpire call, "Time," because the fielder can tag you out at any time before that.