How Do You Slalom Ski?

How Do You Slalom Ski?

To slalom ski, place both feet in the boots, draw your knees up, grip the tow line, stand up when the boat moves forward, and point your ski from side to side to slalom behind the boat. The supplies you need to slalom ski are a boat, an experienced boat pilot, a slalom ski, gloves, a tow line and a life vest.

  1. Put your feet in the boots

    Put on your life vest and gloves, get in the water, and put both feet in the boots. Grasp the tow line in both hands, and draw your knees up close to your chest.

  2. Stand up

    When the boat begins to move, extend your arms, and slowly stand up on the ski. Standing slowly is the most effective way to prevent falling over. Keep your shoulders squared and parallel to the water. Bend your knees slightly. Lean against the pull of the boat, and think of your arms as being part of the tow rope. This minimizes forearm fatigue.

  3. Slalom across the spray line

    Point the tip of the ski to the right of the spray line (the line of spray generated at the back of the boat). Keep your shoulders parallel to the water, your hands low and your knees slightly bent. Do not bend forward from your waist, lock your knees or twist your upper body. Once your entire ski crosses the spray line, center it, then point the tip in the opposite direction. When you are entirely to the left of the spray line, repeat the slalom maneuver as many times as you wish.