What Skills Can Be Learned From Playing High School Football?


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Playing high school football teaches kids the importance of self-discipline and teamwork. It also provides lessons on how to lose and learning how to respect and follow those in leadership roles.

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What Skills Can Be Learned From Playing High School Football?
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Students who play high school football often have higher expectations of themselves which manifests into higher grades and higher self-esteem. Football players at the high school level build strong peer relationships and have a greater attachment to their families and friends. Football helps teach students about self-control, persistence and initiative, things needed to survive as adults in the world.

Many high school football players have a higher sense of morality than those who never played sports. They know how to set realistic goals and figure out how to reach those goals. This self-awareness also teaches players to be persistent and leads to overcoming problems more quickly. Football players have stronger emotional stability than many other students and are less likely to drop out of school than those who do not play sports.

Scientists believe that these benefits are achieved due to the increased blood flow to the brain and the growth of nerve cells in the hippocampus. These physical changes allow for greater information processing enhanced coping skills and improved concentration on and off the field.

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