How Do You Ski Moguls?


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U.S. Ski Team member Jonny Moseley recommends skiing moguls by getting your upper body over the top of your uphill ski and preparing for the jump. To prepare for the jump, squat, jump up with explosive strength, throw your hips up and then pull your feet up.

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Further recommendations for skiing moguls include stepping onto the back side of a bump as you come over the top to avoid falling. Turning from side to side also has to happen much faster when skiing moguls. To finish a jump, make sure to pull your feet up tight to avoid the apex of the mogul. Pull your feet up and over, then land high on the back side of the bump. On the far side of the mogul, skid to slow yourself down.

One key to skiing moguls is controlling your speed, according to the International Centre of Excellence. To master this skill, practice skiing down a smooth hill slowly. Link a series of short turns by scraping your skis against the snow as you twist.

Next, keep your stance narrow to avoid a height differential between moguls. Use that stance to pivot and steer. Finally, when you are at the apex of your jump over the mogul, dip your toes over the lip of the bump itself. Your legs should stretch behind you.

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