How Are Ski Cambers Adjusted and Restored?


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Depending on the material a ski is made of, camber may be restored by using heat and a bending bar to reshape it. This works best with skis made using a more traditional sandwich or box construction, because the heat softens the epoxy and easily penetrates the various layers.

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Camber governs how much of a ski's underside touches the ground when there is no weight on that ski. It creates a subtle arch, with the tip and the end touching the ground. Once a skier puts on the ski, the camber, or flex, pushes the entire ski into the snow, giving the wearer more control. The stiffness of the ski, or how much the arch flexes, also governs how the ski handles in different snow conditions.

Skiers alter the camber by running up against hard objects, such as rocks or tree stumps hidden under a thin snow base. A ski accident can also change the curve of the ski.

Some modern skis combine rockers, which add a slight curve to the tip and or tail of the ski, with regular cambers. The combination allows the skis to float better over powder. The most advanced of these skis have a switch that changes the skis from traditional camber mode to a rocker as needed.

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