Is Skateboarding Good Exercise?


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Skateboarding over flat terrain is an excellent aerobic exercise, burning 8 to 12 calories per minute. It also works multiple muscle groups in the legs, back and abdomen. The legs work to push the board, and in order to balance on the board, the back and abdominal muscles come into play. Skateboarding also works the fine muscles of the hips, calves and feet, improves flexibility and improves balance.

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Is Skateboarding Good Exercise?
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Skateboarding up hills burns even more calories than skateboarding on flat terrain. Performing tricks on a skateboard is also an excellent exercise, akin to the benefit of jumping rope and spinning. It involves a steady effort plus explosive efforts.

Commuting on a skateboard is an excellent full-body workout and has a major advantage over commuting on a bicycle: the board can easily be picked up and carried, unlike a bicycle. A skateboard commuter can skate to a bus stop, carry the board onto the bus, and finish the commute by skating and then carrying the board into the office for safe-keeping.

Skateboarding also improves skills that can be used in daily life to reduce injuries. Skateboarders learn coordination, balance and how to avoid falls. If a fall is inevitable, skateboarders learn how to fall safely.

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