How Do You Size a Snowboard?

How Do You Size a Snowboard?

How Do You Size a Snowboard?

To size a snowboard, compare your weight and height to a sizing chart, consider your riding style, and base the width on your shoe size. Choosing a snowboard size is mainly a matter of preference, although it's important to size it within the correct general range.

  1. Weigh and measure yourself

    Your height and weight should be considered when sizing a snowboard. People on the tall end of the spectrum generally use wider boards, although that is a matter of preference. Look at a sizing chart to determine the proper length of the board based on your height and weight. Sizing charts can be found online or at snowboard shops.

  2. Consider your riding style

    If you're a beginner, you may want to choose a snowboard slightly shorter than the chart recommends. This makes the board easier to control. If you want a versatile freestyle snowboard that is suitable for riding and jumps, consider a slightly smaller size. If you prefer to carve through large mountains and rarely hit jumps, a longer freeride board may be ideal.

  3. Check the width

    The width of the snowboard depends on the size of your feet. If your shoe size is larger than a 10, you may want to consider a wide snowboard. If your feet hang too far over the board, you may lose balance.

  4. Talk to an expert

    If you're still not sure how to proceed, go to a snowboard shop, and ask for a recommendation. Snowboard instructors are also excellent resources.