What Are Some Simple Field Dressing Deer Instructions?


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To field dress a deer, start by cutting a circle around the anus, removing the testicles, and cutting the penis free from the deer's body. After that, cut the deer open from the pelvis area up to the base of the skull and severe the esophagus and windpipe. Finally, cut the diaphragm free, roll the deer to his side, and carefully remove all of the internal organs and debris.

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In area that requires deer to be tagged, tag the deer before beginning the process. After cutting a circle around the anus, many hunters choose to tie it off to prevent the content from touching the meat. It is important to reach up into the pelvis and pinch the bladder shut before removing it for the same reason.

If the head of the deer is to be mounted, do not cut above the ribcage or skin any part of the head or neck. Reach up through the ribcage in order to sever the windpipe and esophagus. Everything that needs to be done to the head and neck of the deer is done later during the mounting process.

Before field dressing, examine the deer for wounds. Ensure that there is no visible bullet metal or broadhead that cold cause physical injury.

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