What Are Some Significant World Series Records?


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Some important World Series records as of 2015 are the New York Yankees' record 40 appearances and 27 wins in the World Series, and Yankee catcher Yogi Berra's record of 75 World Series games played, more than any other baseball player. Whitey Ford, who also played for the New York Yankees, won 10 World Series games during his career, the most of any pitcher. Ford also holds the record for career World Series strikeouts, recording 94 of them.

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The St. Louis Cardinals have won 11 World Series, putting them in second place behind the Yankees for team wins. The San Francisco Giants have reached 20 World Series, reaching second place in team appearances.

Yogi Berra also leads all players in World Series hits. Mickey Mantle, a Yankee center fielder, hit 18 World Series home runs during his career, the most of any player. The record for most home runs hit in one series is five, achieved by both the Philadelphia Phillies' Chase Utley in 2009 and the Yankees' Reggie Jackson in 1977.

The St. Louis Cardinals' Bob Gibson threw 35 strikeouts in the 1968 World Series, the most recorded in one series. The New York Giants' Christy Mathewson recorded four World Series shutouts and three shutouts in the 1905 World Series, giving him the career and yearly records.

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