What Is the Significance of College Football Logos?


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Many college football logos use letters that represent the university's name. Other college football logos use animals or other symbols whose qualities represent the state or the team's characteristics.

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Notre Dame University uses a simple design of a blue N and a blue D overlapping each other, representing the university's initials. Ohio State University's logo is a red O in the background with the university's full name in the foreground. The University of California's logo is "Cal" written in a blue script font.

One example of an animal logo in college football is found at the University of Florida, which uses an alligator head with exposed teeth. The logo's original designer chose the alligator because it was the state's most famous native animal. Similarly, the University of Texas uses an orange longhorn head as its logo because of the state's connection to this species of cattle.

Sometimes, universities choose specific animals to represent the attitude expected of their football teams. For example, Penn State University chose the mountain lion because of its fierceness and ability to overcome other strong creatures. The mountain lion's previous presence in Pennsylvania contributed to the university's decision. Louisiana State University similarly chose a tiger as its logo because of its viciousness, as well as its connection to the Louisiana Tigers, a famous Civil War regiment.

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