How Do You Find Signature Apparel for the U.S. Open?

How Do You Find Signature Apparel for the U.S. Open?

The United States Tennis Associates sells official U.S. Open tennis apparel through its online shop, In addition to apparel, is also the source of official rule and etiquette books.

Perform a keyword search for "U.S. Open apparel" at to isolate all relevant products. Click on the dropdown category menus to filter your results by type of wear, accessory, gift and price. View results in a list or a grid, and sort results by popularity, lowest prices or highest prices.

The USTA partners with designers and other brands, such as Ralph Lauren and Wilson Sporting Goods, to craft and sell official gear. The USTA website represents each affiliated designer and brand, or you can find official U.S. Open apparel on any such websites.

Official Ralph Lauren U.S. Open gear is available at Search by categories, such as men, women, children, baby and home, and sort results by bestsellers, relevance, newest arrivals or price.

Similarly, search for U.S. Open at to retrieve Wilson's U.S. Open Online Shop for official items. Wilson specializes in sporting goods, so the signature U.S. Open gear consists of bags. Most of the designers and brands that the U.S. Open features on its website sell corresponding signature apparel on external websites.