How Do You Sign up for the Next Online CrankyApe Auction?


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Consumers that are interested in signing up for the next online CrankyApe auction can do so by registering for an account with the website. To do so consumers can visit the official CrankyApe website, select the registration link and complete the process.

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To register for CrankyApe, consumers do have to pay a $35 fee that renews every 12 months. This fee must be paid via credit card at the time of registration. There are no restrictions on who can bid on CrankyApe online auctions, with the exception that all bidders must be registered and over 18 years old. Both individuals and dealers can bid on CrankyApe auctions.

Consumers that are bidding on CrankyApe online auctions can do so by either manual bid or absent bid. A manual bid is automatically filled out at the time a consumer places a bid and is the amount required to become the highest bidder. Absent bids allow users to enter their maximum bid amount, and the system bids up to this amount as other bids are placed.

CrankyApe states that buyers have three business days to pay for items purchased; otherwise, the buyer is charged a late fee of 5 percent per day. Payments are accepted via cash, at the Minnesota location, or wire transfer. All bids are final, and items sold through CrankyApe online auctions are considered sold as is.

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