Why Shouldn't Boxing Be Banned?

Boxing should not be banned because it is a competitor's sport, and it is a form of intense entertainment for many people. Boxing teaches discipline, and it encourages people to aim for the best health and fitness levels in order to compete. Young children who get involved in boxing stay off the streets, out of trouble, and off of drugs when they adopt a hobby like boxing, according to BoxingNews24.

According to the Journal of Medical Ethics, boxing may be considered immoral, but it should not be considered illegal. To become a boxer is a personal choice that each athlete makes with his own freewill. In addition, there is not a sufficient amount of medical evidence that proves that all boxers are at a risk for life-threatening injuries. Individuals who pose a higher medical risk to themselves by boxing should be kept out of the ring, but the sport itself is not a crime.

Every individual has the right to play any type of sport that they wish, and boxers who are in the ring provide legal consent and show a desire to compete. There are many contact sports that could pose an injury risk to the players, and boxing is no different than other contact sports like hockey, football and rugby. Boxing has the potential to transform the lives of people who love the sport, and banning boxing removes those opportunities for advancement.