What Should You Pack When Running Away?


Solo wilderness excursions of any kind are fraught with challenges, so one should carry food, water, clothing, fire-starting and lighting tools, first aid kit and other emergency supplies. In the event of a natural disaster or catastrophic emergency, those challenges can be even greater. If an individual is forced to leave his home alone during an emergency, there is no way to predict what challenges he might face.

Preparing for a catastrophic emergency should start with selecting certain essential supplies that can be carried in a single bag, sometimes called a "bug out bag," according to Bug Out Bag Academy. These items include a minimum of three days' worth of clothing, food and water or a means of purifying water found while on the move plus a way to start a fire. In addition, certain other supplies can be convenient, such as the materials for making a ready shelter.

Finally, including a compact first aid kit can help when dealing with unexpected minor injuries. Beyond these essentials, other materials and supplies can come in handy while moving from place to place during an emergency, such as currency, a multiuse tool and a light source with additional batteries. The ruck sack used to carry these items should be large enough to accommodate them and comfortable for the wearer to carry when full, Bug Out Bag Academy recommends.