What Should You Pack for a Five-Day Camping Trip?


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Items such as a cell phone, rain gear, a lantern or flashlight, and matches are crucial when embarking on a five-day camping trip, according to Real Simple. It is also important to consider the weather conditions that are to be expected in the area and to bring a compass.

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What Should You Pack for a Five-Day Camping Trip?
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Items that may prove helpful and can often be overlooked when packing for a five-day camping trip include extra batteries, plastic garbage bags, sunscreen or a sun hat, and a first aid kit. The Real Simple website provides a checklist that can be printed or filled out and saved online for convenience. Copies of this checklist can also be emailed to all members of a camping party.

Other important items to bring on an extended camping trip include ropes, a pocket knife, tarps and alternate clothing and gear for inclement weather. Nonperishable food items, such as a jar of peanut butter or a bag of nuts, also are essential items to have on a camping trip. Water bottles and water-purifying tablets ensure campers remain hydrated when a water source is not nearby. The Reserve America website also recommends putting these essential items into a single bag to avoid losing or forgetting some of them.

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