What Should Be Included in a Solicitation Letter for Basketball Uniforms?

A solicitation letter for basketball uniforms should include an introduction of yourself and the organization, the reason donations are needed, some information about the team and a thank you. Be sure to also include your contact information and to provide adequate information about what is being asked of the donor.

In the first paragraph of a solicitation letter, introduce yourself and your organization. If the person or business you are reaching out to has donated to your team before, acknowledge any prior donations and thank the person for his support. This also the place to put relevant facts about the team, it's record, its prospects and any other interesting details.

Next, address the specifics of your request. Explain that donations are needed to acquire team uniforms. Transparency is very important, so detail any other sources of funding you have. Set a deadline for the donation or a date by which you need a response.

End your solicitation letter with a thank you, and follow immediately with your contact details, including your e-mail address, phone number and the school's or organization's street address.

Solicitation letters should be professional, cordial and personal. Avoid form letters and address the potential donor by name in the salutation. Ideally, the letter should be no longer than one page.