What Should You Include on Soccer Player Evaluation Forms?

Include a section to review technical abilities, psychosocial traits, tactical skills and physical capabilities on a soccer player evaluation form. Coaches can also provide general comments about the player's overall performance on the evaluation form to provide encouragement and notate areas needing improvement.

The technical portion of a soccer player evaluation form should include categories that rate passing, dribbling, defending, attacking, finishing and receiving and turning. Players should also be evaluated on tactical skills that include combination plays, possession, attacking and defending principles and playout out of the back. The physical portion of the soccer player evaluation form should rate the player on speed, quickness, perception and awareness on the field, coordination and balance and agility.

A player's ability to get along with teammates and collaborate on and off the field is a key portion of a soccer player evaluation form. The section, often labeled as psychosocial abilities, evaluates self confidence, drive and motivation, teamwork, communication and coachability. A student's level of respect and discipline is also assessed.

Coaches or third-party judges often perform evaluations of soccer players during tryouts for competitive teams or throughout the season to provide players with valuable feedback to improve their performance with physical, technical, tactical and teamwork skills.