What Should You Include on a 72-Hour Kit Checklist?

What Should You Include on a 72-Hour Kit Checklist?

A 72-hour emergency survival kit checklist should include food, water, medical and first aid supplies, and supplies for hygiene and sanitation. It should also contain sleeping and shelter items and general tools, such as a shovel, hammer and pliers.

The kit should include a gallon of water per person per day and non-perishable high-energy foods. Granola, power bars and ready-to-eat meals are good options for an emergency kit. It should also include a can opener, plates, paper towels and eating utensils.

The kit should include all necessary prescription medication and general over-the-counter medications, including pain-relief and stomach medicines. The checklist should list the medical history and current prescriptions with dosages for each family member. For treating injuries, the kit should have a variety of first aid supplies, such as gauze, bandages, antibacterial ointments, cold and hot packs, and scissors.

For hygiene, the kit should include at least one change of clothes, including shoes. The kit should also include moist towelettes or baby wipes for sanitizing hands and garbage bags and plastic ties to seal away waste. Some campers pack plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal away sheltered areas.

When preparing a checklist, campers should also consider sleeping arrangements and include blankets, pillows and sleeping bags.