What Should You Consider When Buying a Wooden Canoe?


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The size, maneuverability and speed of a wooden canoe should all be considered before use or purchase. Wooden canoes are generally operated manually and made of durable, solid wood.

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For those who wish to carry a lot of accessories or canoe with multiple people, a boat with a flatter bottom offers stability while maintaining the ability to carry extra weight. If maneuverability is a concern, choose a shorter wooden canoe with several rockers and a short, flat bottom hull. Rockers are built into canoes to assist with turning, but they also can impede speed, so if speed is of concern, choose a canoe with few to no rockers. Just note that the canoe may be faster, but the turns can be more difficult.

Wooden canoes are pointed on either end, while the middle and inside are hollowed out to allow passengers to sit on supports or kneel on hulls while they paddle. Generally, paddlers face the direction the canoe is traveling, and the number of paddlers is determined by the size of the canoe as well as the amount of weight to boat can carry. Paddlers propel the boat by rowing with single-bladed or double-bladed paddles, also known as oars.

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