How Do You Sharpen a Jiffy Ice Auger?


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To sharpen the chipper tooth blade of a Jiffy Ice Drill, gather a 12- to 16-inch disc grinder with No. 80 grit paper. Follow the angle of the point while sharpening with this tool, and pay attention to the centering of the blade shape so that it appears even.

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Remember to employ the use of a vise in order to properly remove burrs from the rear of the chipper blade and the pilot point. The drill only cuts into ice properly if all of the sharpening steps are performed. Failure to do so results in damage to the blade. While the blade is held still, use a file or a file with sandpaper to remove the burrs.

To sharpen a Jiffy stealth blade, perform the usual steps to sharpen a normal chipper blade. Make sure there is enough clearance for the blade during the process.

Jiffy ice drill blades are only made for drilling through ice. Attempting to use them for other purposes will damage the blade. Jiffy ice drill blades are made of heat-treated high carbon steel in order to provide a long-lasting edge. Some models of Jiffy ice drills allow for complete blade replacements, if it is not possible to resharpen the blade.

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