How Do You Shadow Box?


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Shadowbox by mimicking the movements of a boxer fighting during a match. The punches and subsequent combinations are the same as they are in an actual fight, but there is no opponent, and the focus is on technique. Shadowboxing is routinely used to warm up boxers prior to competitions.

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  1. Learn the basic moves of boxing

    Learn the basic moves of boxing prior to shadowboxing. Watch recorded matches, or read about boxing fundamentals. If you are interested in competing, join a local boxing gym where you can learn the skills necessary for shadowboxing from a trained boxing professional.

  2. Assume a traditional boxing stance

    Assume a traditional boxing stance, with your hands raised in front of your face and your chin down. Your nondominant side should be in front, with your dominant hand guarding that side of your face.

  3. Begin moving and throwing basic combinations

    Begin moving and throwing basic punches and combinations. As you move, your footwork should remain technical, and proper balance should be maintained. Start with single-punch combinations, such as the jab or cross.

  4. Work on head movements and advanced combinations

    Work on head movements and advanced combinations, as your head movements should also be technical. Continue to learn more advanced combinations, such as the jab-cross-hook. Work with a coach or trainer who can help you enhance your boxing skills.

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