How Do You Set a Volleyball?


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To set a volleyball, form a triangle shape with your forefingers and thumbs, and keep the volleyball in the air using the strength of your hands, arms and legs. You may only use your fingertips to make contact with the volleyball, however.

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  1. Create a triangle with both hands

    Raise both hands to chest level, and turn out your palms. Place both forefingers and thumbs together to form a triangle. Curl your fingers slightly to form a cup shape with your palms.

  2. Position your body correctly

    Raise both hands above your head while maintaining the triangle and cup shapes. Move your hands 2 inches apart as the volleyball is passed to you for maximum contact. Anticipate how far the volleyball may travel. Move back and forth to remain underneath the volleyball. Turn your hips and shoulders in the direction you want the volleyball to travel. Bend your knees and elbows when you are about to make contact with the volleyball.

  3. Push the volleyball

    Use your fingertips and body strength to push the volleyball over the volleyball net or to another player on your team.

  4. Complete the volleyball set

    Straighten your knees and elbows as you push the volleyball to increase its distance and speed. Lower your arms, and press the backs of your hands together to finish.

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