How Do You Set up a Screen House?


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Spread out the screen house, assemble the support structure, insert the supports through, and attach them to the correct sleeves, grommets and clips respectively and drive the stakes into the ground according to the instructions is how you set up a screen house. Specific procedures vary depending on the make, model and type of screen house. Some screen houses are lightweight portable configurations very similar to tents while others are heavier and designed to be installed in a fixed location.

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All of the different types of screen houses require a large enough flat area of ground to accommodate the screen house. Clear any sticks, rocks or other objects out of the intended use area. Many types of screen houses have floors built-in while others don't or come only as an optional accessory.

With the tent spread flat and the roof facing upwards assemble the two support poles which are typically a system of rods bound together by an elastic cord and can only fit together one way. Slide the poles through the pole sleeves on the top of the tent and insert the grommet pins located at each corner into the bottom of each pole. Stand the screen house up and drive the hold-down stakes into the loops around the base of the screen house. Attach any support ropes to the tent with clips and secure the other end with a stake driven into the ground securely.

A screen house with a more permanent design may require more extensive assembly of the wood or metal frames that make it free standing.

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