How Do You Set up a Fishing Rod?

How Do You Set up a Fishing Rod?

Setting up a fishing rod is a simple task that requires rod assembly, reel attachment, threading the fishing line and attaching a lure or bait. The following guidelines will assist with the process of setting up the fishing rod.

In order to set up a fishing rod:

  1. Assemble the rod
  2. If the rod is in two pieces, connect the two by twisting them together while aligning the guides. Do not push or pull; instead gently twist.

  3. Attach the reel
  4. Attach the reel by fitting it into the reel seat, securing the hood over the foot and screwing the hood up or down. Do not overtighten the screws.

  5. Thread the fishing line
  6. Thread the line under the roller and through each of the rod's guides ending at the tip. Attach the lure to the end of the line with a clinch knot.