How Do You Set up a Deer Box Blind?


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When setting up a deer box blind, place it in a deer feeding area or along a travel corridor. Conceal it with brush, leaves and other vegetation that is available at the hunting ground. Place the blind in a position that gives you a wide field of view so you can spot deer as they approach from different angles.

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Before using a new deer box blind, eliminate the scent of the manufacturing and packaging by leaving it outside until it takes on the smell and appearance of the outdoors. Before placing the blind in the hunting ground, scout out the deer trails for the best hunting areas. Set it up days in advance to give the deer time to grow more comfortable with it in their environment. If possible, place the blind within the trees rather than out in the open.

Take note of the wind direction, and place the blind upwind of the deer's feeding area so they are less likely to detect a human scent. Conceal the odor of hunting gear with a scent eliminating spray. Place the blind so that the sun is rising behind it. This prevents the sun from shining directly on your face or on shiny metal gear. For more concealment, wear dark clothing, and conceal your face with a mask or camouflage makeup.

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