How Do You Serve a Volleyball?


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There are a few ways to serve a volleyball, but the most simple one is the underhand serve. Stand in a staggered position with the foot opposite your hitting arm out in front, both knees slightly bent, and your hips facing the volleyball net. Hold the ball in your non-dominant hand above the knee but below the waist, and hit the ball from underneath with the fist of your dominant hand.

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  1. Position your body

    Stand with your hips squarely facing the volleyball net. Step back with the foot that is parallel to your hitting arm so that the other foot is in front. Bend both knees, and shift the majority of your body's weight to the back foot.

  2. Position the ball

    Hold the ball outstretched in your non-dominant hand so that it is above the knee, but slightly below the waist. Bring the ball across the body slightly so that it is positioned in front of your hitting arm.

  3. Position your hitting arm

    Make a fist with your dominant hand, but place your thumb on top of the index finger. Turn your arm so that your fisted fingers and the underside of your arm are facing up.

  4. Hit the ball

    Pull your hitting arm back, then swing it forward with your fisted hand still facing up. Aim for just below the center of the ball, and hit it with your fist, keeping your arm completely straight. Shift your weight from the back foot to the front as you make contact with the ball, and keep your arm straight until it is parallel with the floor.

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