Who Sells Jade Putters?

Jade putters are made and sold by Wyoming Jade Putters, located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Most putters are special ordered and shipped to customers. It is sometimes possible to find jade putters on sites such as eBay.

The putters are made of Wyoming nephrite jade, shaped and polished much like gemstones and then attached to shafts of steel or graphite. Jade is one of the hardest rocks in the world, and resists cracking and chipping. The jade used is unique to central Wyoming and is infused with iron, magnesium and other metals, making this jade stronger still. The surface polishes to a mirror finish.

Wyoming Jade Putters does make putters from other types of silica based rocks, such as jade from other areas, petrified wood, marble agate and quartzite. Customers can choose their rock, the shaft length, angle, materials and weight. Jade putters may also be engraved.

The putter is approved by the USGA for use in tournament play, according to Decision 93-248. Wyoming Jade Putters recommends that golfers advise local USGA officials of their use because they aren't as well known as metal putters.

Wyoming Jade Putters has only been making its signature item since 2012. In October of that year, the putter was featured on the "How It's Made" show on the Science channel in Canada. In November, the United States' version of the show followed suit.