Who Sells Custom Grips for the Beretta 92?


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Custom grips for the Beretta 92 are produced by a number of handgun parts manufacturers including Wilson Combat, DS Grips, Wicked Grips and VZ Grips. Some of these manufacturers offer more customization than others. DS Grips in particular offers a wide range of materials for its customers to choose from.

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The different grip manufacturers have different strengths in their products. Wilson Combat approaches its grip design from a function-over-form perspective using an understated style that appeals to those looking for grips that are all business. The current grip offering from Wilson Combat is made from a glass epoxy laminate shaped by computer numerical control.

Wicked Grips are at the other end of this spectrum with flashy designs that are anodized onto its aluminum grips. VZ Grips also uses a glass epoxy laminate as the material for its grips, but offers a wider range of colors than Wilson Combat. In terms of checkering pattern, the Wilson Combat grips are slightly more intricate than the VZ Grips and include a medallion on the palm swell.

DS Grips has a particularly large selection of materials for its grips, including wood and synthetics. It also has the widest variety of checkering and colors. DS Grips are handmade and boast the highest level of customization out of the group.

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