Is Selling Deer Hides Legal?


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Whether or not selling a deer hide is considered legal depends on the state where the sale is happening, and how the animal the hide was taken from was killed. In many states, selling a hide from a deer is legal with some stipulations.

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As of 2015, states where selling a deer hide is legal include California, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Oregon. However, in some of these states, one must be a licensed dealer to perform a legal sale. For example, both Michigan and Oregon require licensing to sell deer hide. In Pennsylvania, hide from deer that have been killed by vehicles can be sold legally, but only after the seller has paid a fee. California allows for the sale of hide from legally obtained deer, but disallows killing deer only for the hide.

In other states, selling deer hide is not legal at all. In the spring of 2015, a bill was proposed in North Carolina that would legalize the sale of deer hide in that state. Opponents of the bill claim that legalizing the sale of deer hide would damage North Carolina's wildlife population.

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