What Is the Selection Process for Heisman Trophy Candidates?


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Sports journalists, previous winners and fans vote annually for the best college football player, who wins the Heisman Trophy. Each of the journalists and previous winners get equally weighted votes, while all of the fans' votes combined count as a single vote.

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The Heisman Trophy Trust appoints sectional representatives for six U.S. regions. Each sectional representative appoints a state representative for each state in his region. State representatives select the sports journalists who are eligible to vote. As of 2015, each region has 145 media votes. Those votes are systematically dispersed among the states, with more votes going to larger states and states with more media outlets.

The Heisman Trophy Trust believes sports journalists are the best people to decide the Heisman Trophy winner because they follow college football extensively and are impartial. Each voter ranks three top players. When the trust tallies the votes, top-ranked players get three points, second-ranked players get two points, and third-ranked players get one point. The trust tallies the points, and the player with the most points wins the Heisman Trophy. The trust tallies all of the fan votes in a similar way to determine the fans' overall top three players for the single fan vote.

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