How Do You Select Used Ice Fishing Equipment?


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To select used ice fishing equipment, make sure that the equipment is in good condition and that there are no noticeable nicks or scratches that may suggest a faulty construction. Shop according to your available budget, and be sure to ask the vendor about the history of the equipment to get a feel for its remaining longevity.

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Some ice fishing staples that all beginners should have include toboggans or sleds, which are a practical way to move equipment over ice. An ice auger is also necessary, as this tool drills the fishing hole in a fishing area's ice, and a sturdy one can provide you with years of use before it needs replacement. Additionally, using a skimmer and ice chisel is important to keep slush out of the hole. The ice chisel helps create the fishing hole when the ice is thinner and when there is no need for an auger.

Be sure to bring a bait bucket and a fish bucket as well, especially if you plan on fishing with live bait, such as mealworms and minnows. Keep a jigging rod for panfish and walleye fish, and keep the appropriate jigs and lures, depending on where you are fishing.

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